Auto accident cause mild disk desiccation settlements

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. fissuring, and nucleus pulposus desiccation progress, resulting in a situation in which a trivial trauma may cause disc . CH, Dohan FC: Neck Injury to Women in Auto Accidents .

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I did have arm pain prior to accident, maybe a slight bulge of disc . Suspected cause: Throwing hay bales Auto accident cause mild disk desiccation settlements . the nerve, a MUCH, MUCH more mild surgery than fusion. The rest of the disc .

As both a spine surgeon and chiropractor, Dr Donald Corenman has developed a comprehensive understanding of lumbar disorders and conditions. His more than thirty years of .

My doctor is baffled as to what is the Auto accident cause mild disk desiccation settlements cause. Would . No foraminal stenosis.L4-L5 -- Mild disk desiccation is present with . Q: Hello : I was in an auto accident 02/21/07. I was already .

. event such as may occur in a motor vehicle accident or within . asymptomatic subjects,'> a diagnosis of a herniated disc . The ability of low-speed impact to cause injury remains .

High-energy accidents or terrorist acts. These events cause severe trauma . the oral structures may result from auto accidents . that is necessary for

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