Chasing the dragon with oxycontin op

painkillers Question: Can You Smoke Oxycodone 15mg IR? What Is Chasing The Dragon? Is This The Right Way To Do It? . Op 80 oxycodone smoke.


. oxycontin 80 questions Oxycodone . the OP said he usually snorts it and wants to try smoking it the best way, . (Hence chasing the dragon). .

"Chasing the dragon" (a slang phrase of Cantonese origin from Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese:

This is also known as "Chasing the Dragon", it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. . What is the difference between an Oxycontin OP 40 and an Oxycontin OC 40?

Discussion about Has anyone here tried smoking Heroin or Oxycontin ? . thats right you will always be chasing that dragon. . (OP) User ID: 1217401 .

Smoking heroin or "Chasing the Dragon" as smoking heroin using foil and a straw . of the full agonist drugs like oxycontin , heroin .

. Chasing the Dragon: . once the dragon outruns you, . OP if you have a problem with Opiate's I hope you get it fixed man. _____ #15 .

I just picked up a new batch of oxycodone and they are generics I believe. . 'chasing the dragon', and smoke it through a straw or hollow pen. .

You can smoke the new op oxycontin pills ive done it . this is what causes the addiction. the whole chasing the dragon on foil bit.. i loved it.. the high .

I don't smoke oxycontin or even tinfoil for that

Chasing the dragon with oxycontin op

matter, but I know a Chasing the dragon with oxycontin op few people who . EO604F5B1JPMMI excerpt: get a peice of .


My friend come to my house and told me we could chase de dragon with oxycontin,i meen smoke it on the aluminum foil.It's simple you take off the coat of the oxy and .

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