what does the bbm tick means



Has anyone been experiencing slow message deliveries with whatsapp lately? Once I click to send, I get one green tick which means it was sent to the servers. Bu

I honestly dont know what I would do without BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM i . Sometimes next to the message appears just a tick, this means that the .

Now while you may never get that feeling back again, there are alternative means to keep in touch, . You never answered whether it truly does what BBM does, .

What does a tick in bbm means? - What does it mean on bbm when there is a tick? - Sign In. Or use an existing account. Username Password Register | .

does blackberry messenger coast even if i dont use it ? beause i dont . Itired to upgrade my bbm but I realised that the former bbm icon is out on the .

I know that R means read and D means delivered. But there's no letter beside the tick on BBM, so I'm not sure whether the recipient has received the .

What does it mean to bbm someone? ChaCha Answer: BBM is the Blackberry messenger so to BBM someone means to send them a message Black.

Please Login to Remove! Does anyone know what a send email 'tick' with a D above the 'tick' means?

Best Answer: When you send a broadcast (a message to all of your contacts at once), then you can tick who you want to send

what does the bbm tick means

what does the bbm tick means it to out of your contact list .


When you use BBM (blackberry . Does that mean my contact is on the phone . the clock means your message hasnt left your phone yet, .

What does a tick and a full stop mean on bbm? - Bbm only shows a tick. . - Bbm what means check r d. What does it mean when bbm messages are not delivered?

BBM help!? tick but not . I've sent a bbm to a friend and it has a tick but no D or R

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